Mike Mahoney, founder of Savvy Cycles, worked for close to two years, designing, testing and perfecting the process of making the wood bicycle frame. Mike has extensive experience in wood working and 3D laminating from ten years of longboard skateboard manufacturing,  seven years teaching woodworking and thirteen years of furniture and cabinet making.


Hickory and ash are used as the primary woods in the bike frame for their strength, durability and ability to be steam bent, to ensure a strength, durability and smooth ride.  Other woods such as sepele and died hard maple are used for accents.


It all starts when the wood arrives in the shop. The shops relative humidity is carefully monitored to ensure the wood remains at the desired moisture content from start to finish. This along with attention to grain patterns and direction, gives us the straightest and most stable frame possible. The main triangle is laminated as two halves with eight or more plys of either hickory or ash in each half. Each half is then CNC machined on the inside, creating tapered butted tubing. The outside is then CNC machined giving the front triangle its general form. Internal cable routing is also machined into the frame before the two halves are joined. Once assembled the front triangle goes through many hours of hand work to refine the shape and curves of the tubes into its beautiful form. We fit a strengthening aluminum ring to the top of the seat tube and the top and bottom of the head tube. The chain stays are made up of nine plys of hickory. They are first steamed, inserted into their mold and pressed under high pressure with our hydraulic press. When they are dry, the nine plys are removed from the mold, glued and returned to their mold and pressed again to cure. By taking the extra time to press the chain stays in this manner, we get a very accurate alignment when the chain stay is attached to the main triangle. The seat stays are also made up of nine plys laminated in a similar manner as the chain stays. Once the main triangle, chain and seat stays are assembled, the complete frame goes through several stages of sanding before a water proofing coat of resin is applied. A fine sanding of the water proof coat and then the final coats of high gloss finish completes the process. We machine our own drop outs, of which you can choose a standard QR, single speed or 12mm through axle. These are interchangable and can be changed later down the road.


We strive to build a high quality wood bicycle frame that has ride qualities that you will enjoy. It is important to us that we source as many of the components as possible from US companies without sacrificing quality.

We make the frame in Grand Junction Colorado and we are able to source the fork (MRP) and wheels (DT Swiss) right here in Grand Junction, all within a square mile of our frame manufacturing. This offers a great opportunity for collaboration. Very rare in the bike industry.

We feel we have developed a high quality, durable, good handling bike that is made in the US with the major components sourced from US companies as well. We hope you enjoy the ride!


To get the most out of you bicycle you need to regularly inspect your bicycle and it’s components for signs of wear and fatigue, such as loose hardware, scratches, discoloration, dents, cracks, etc. DO NOT over tighten the mounting screws where the drop out hangers mount to the wood frame, this can cause cracking and other damage. If you see any signs of excessive wear, fatigue or damage, do not ride your bicycle and have a certified bicycle mechanic inspect your bicycle. Replace a worn, fatigued or damaged frame or part, as continued use can cause excessive wear and/or damage resulting in a failure that can cause injury and even death. 

Frame care: You Savvy Cycles wood frame is first coated in resin to provide a protective barrier to resist water penetration. This is followed by several coats of polyurethane for added protection. You can wash dirt and mud off Savvy Cycles wood frame like any other bicycle, care should be taken to not excessively flood the following areas with water: head tube, seat tube, bottom bracket and drop out areas. DO NOT USE HIGH PRESSURE TO WASH YOUR FRAME. A standard hose without a nozzle is adequate.   Immediately following washing your frame, dry it thoroughly with a soft towel. After washing your bicycle or riding in wet or rainy conditions, you should always remove the seat post and turn the bicycle upside down and let any accumulated water drain from the seat tube. For additional frame protection you can periodically apply a wax such as, Minwax paste finishing wax, this will help reduce scratching and make cleaning your frame easier.


The intended use of your Savvy Cycles mountain bike or fat bike frame is for cross country trail riding, it is not intended for enduro, freeride, jumping or downhill style riding. This Savvy Cycles bicycle frame is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of retail purchase to the original owner only, subject to the limitations described below. Save your dated receipt for proof of purchase.

This warranty does not cover the following:

Normal wear and tear
Damage due to improper assembly, follow-up maintenance or lack of skill, competence or experience of the user
Bicycles that were not assembled or serviced by a certified bicycle mechanic
Installation of components, parts or accessories not intended for use with or compatible with Savvy Cycles frames
Products that have been modified, used for enduro, freeride, jumping or downhill style riding, neglected, misused or abused, involved in an accident or crash, used in competition or for commercial purposes, or anything other normal use
Sanding, filing, grinding, drilling holes, refinishing or in any way altering the frame, parts and components will void the warranty
Wear, scratches, chips, cracks to the finish on all Savvy Cycles frames
Bent or broken drop outs or derailleur hangers
Labor required to remove and/or reinstall, re-build or re-adjust the frame, parts and components on the bicycle
Any parts or components not manufactured by Savvy Cycles and/or otherwise branded by another company.

This limited warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective product at the option of Savvy Cycles. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Savvy Cycles must authorize the return of a frame for warranty inspection. Contact Savvy Cycles if you believe there is a defect, 970-609-7587. The owner is responsible for shipping the frame to Savvy Cycles.

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